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Benefits of Agrospa

Agrospa can save water, labour, electricity and you can earn more profit. Many times fertilizers are wasted in the soil but Agrospa applied together with fertilizer it can make them release slowly and increases the effect of the fertilizer and decreases the loss of soil nutrients and protect.


Nature of Agrospa is that of water carrier, it can provide the water for plants, keep the plant root moist for a long time.
Agrospa is very useful for your crop, it is universally accepted as the most effective irrigation product for resting and preserving the moisture of the soil.


1. The first, Agrospa can absorb 300 multiple times of water very quickly and store up then for a long time.
2. Secondly, Agrospa can be admitted by plant’s roots, for one thing that it makes the moisture not to move and not to run off for another thing.


Agrospa in the dry form Agrospa is white crystalline granules, upon contact with water the granules swell quickly, absorbing the water and expanding forming gel like substance and behaves as “Water – Bank” such that the crop / plant can draw water whenever required from this powder.

Awarded From Dr. Panjabarao Deshmukh Krishi Vidyapeeth

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‘Agrospa’ is very useful in agriculture. Moisture in the soil is retained for a long time, due to ‘Agrospa’. ‘Agrospa’ is a best classic soil additive.
‘Agrospa’ absorbs water 300 times of its dry weight and releases water very slowly to the roots of the crop as and when required. Agrospa quickly absorbs and reserves the water of rain or irrigation water, applied to the soil. Agrospa is best protective and useful product for all types of soil and crop.

After application of ‘Agrospa’ watering intervals are prolonged, so labour charges and water both are saved up to 50%. While using ‘Agrospa’ in agricultural soil it stores water and provides moisture. Water is very slowly supplied to roots of the plant/crop, whenever required. So that for a long time moisture is retained in the soil.

As moisture is retained in the soil, percentage of seed germination and saplings increases to its maximum level and the mortality rate of transporting and transplanting of the plants is decreased. ‘Agrospa’ stores water in large quantity, saves labour charges as well and monitory savings are promoted with the saving of electricity consumption. Considering all these facts income of a farmer is increased. Most of the times fertilizers applied to the soil are wasted due to leaching of the water, but if ‘Agrospa’ is used, this loss is prevented totally and all the micronutrients applied in the soil through fertilizer remain always available at the root zone. In this way fertilizer is fully used and crop / plant remains healthy during its life time.

What Customers Say

  • In last summer my horticultural farms were about to suffer a great loss, but I got information about Agrospa and I used a Agrospa in my farms. Thanks to Agrospa! All my horticultural farms were saved in the draught situation. Agrospa helps in getting good crop in less water condition.

    Ankush Padwale - President of Pomengranate Producers Association, Resident of Khupsangi, Tq. Mangalvedha, Dist. Solapur.
  • I have planted new lemon plants in my farm, and I maintained my farm and very well. But I was caught in a difficult situation, when we ran short of water. At that time I got information about Agrospa and I hurried to get Agrospa.
    I used Agrospa, mixing in soil and applying by circle method around each of my lemon plant. After application of Agrospa I once got substantial water for watering my plants this was only ones after that there was no water available, but still all my lemon plants survived & remained in good condition only because of Agrospa!

    Shrikant Dhotre - Resident of Vivra Tq. Patur, Dist. Akola
  • I have a sugarcane farm and I got totally benefitted by Agrospa. There was very little water in my agricultural land. But still my sugarcane was green at all. However the part of my farm where I didn’t use Agrospa sugarcane in that part was dried and wasted. I got sureshot benefit from the use of Agrospa.

    Ashok Gore - Resident of Madhe-Wadgaon Tq. Shrigonda, Distt – Ahamadnagar